About EY Finance Navigator

A corporate startup generated by EY, founded to help fellow entrepreneurs understand a crucial element of business: finance.

Our Story

“A story of corporate innovation. Nope… not of ice and fire this time ;)”

Hey, we’re the Finance Navigator founders: Alex, Lars and Wout!

A couple of years ago all three of us joined major accounting firm EY, where we all performed consulting services for large companies in the field of financial accounting and management reporting. That was our job.

However, our passion  lay somewhere else. All three of us fell in love with entrepreneurship, innovation and startups. So, guess what we did… We turned our passion into our job!

Slowly we got more and more involved in the accelerators, incubators and other startup initiatives (such as EYnovation) EY founded across the country of the Netherlands. That’s where we put our EY experience and expertise to work.

We assisted startups in launching their business by supporting them with legal, tax and financial matters. We performed workshops on financial modelling. We supported in startup valuations. Man, we built whole financial plans in Excel from scratch!

All of that we did simply because we loved doing it, as we were genuinely able of helping out others.  Finance is freaking difficult, but our years at EY taught us a thing or two. And what’s more rewarding then using your expertise to help out the most energetic, optimistic, and entrepreneurial people in the world…?

So when the very first corporate innovation program within EY came along (Innovate EY: providing colleagues the opportunity to build their own corporate startup), we didn’t have to think long. That was OUR moment. Our moment to take our passion to the next level.

And now we’re here: EY’s very first corporate innovation program has resulted in EY’s first corporate startup ever: the Finance Navigator. And even though we’re now managing and selling a SaaS solution, which is something completely new to EY, in essence nothing has changed.

We’re still passionate as always. We’re still helping out entrepreneurs. We’re still helping them navigate through the world of funding and finance.

Warm regards,
Finance Navigator founders and EY professionals
Alex, Lars and Wout

Our team – yes.. we’re working on diversity 😉

Alexander Matthiessen

Product & Team Lead

Favorite startup: Virgin Group, obviously not really a startup anymore, but with Branson still the startup mentality!

Lars Vereijken


Favorite startup: AirBnB, Booking.com disrupted the hotel industry, but AirBnB took it even further and disrupted the whole sector’s business model!

Wout Bobbink


Favorite startup: Usono Smart Ultrasound Solutions, great product, awesome team and true Finance Navigator evangelists 😉