Build automated forecasts, understand your financials and pitch with confidence!

Dashboard showing the metrics relevant to investors

The most important information about your company you/an investor should know – all clearly presented in an easy-to-read and 100% responsive dashboard. Get instant insights in crucial metrics such as developments in cash flow, your break-even year and funding need, gross margin, EBITDA, market size, working capital terms, personnel, operating expenses and assets.

Build a high-level plan in half an hour or customize it to the level you could customize an Excel

Want to do a quick and dirty forecast to see whether your business idea has potential or whether you need funding? No problem! We have got you covered with our quick-forecast functionality using yearly growth rates. Want to customize data to the extent Excel allows you to do so? No problem either! Use our editable tables and play with your numbers like you would in Excel.

Our innovative algorithm guiding you towards a professional forecast using tips and benchmarks

No need to be a financial expert, our algorithm will take you by the hand. Based on your forecast messages are triggered that will challenge your numbers, will help you understand your metrics, will help you improve your plan and will show you benchmarks from your industry. Change your plan based on the messages you get, or leave comments to capture the assumptions behind your numbers.

Full financial statements calculated automatically

Any investor wants you to have a forecast of your profit & loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. But no worries about that… we’ve got you covered! A 5 year forecast of all three statements is calculated automatically. Drill down from the financial statements into your sales, expenses, costs and investments and get instant insight in what is driving your forecast.

Your financial plan, your rules!

Whether you want to have your dashboard shown in Japanese yen, want to start your forecast in the year of 2050, or use the tax rates of Tanzania, it’s all up to you! Customize your dashboard setting to your own needs. The only thing you still need to worry about is whether you want to show your dashboard on your phone, tablet or computer 😉

Know when your forecast is complete

Slowly build up your dashboard by unlocking the metrics one by one, get more confident along the way by the encouragements coming from our message centre, reach a completeness level of 100% and you know you’re good to go. Say no to overwhelming Excel spreadsheets and gradually learn your way around the world of finance.

Seriously… What are you waiting for?

Try the Finance Navigator for less than a Euro a day. Come on… you’re spending more on your daily coffees!

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